Who’s Responsible For Chicago Protests? L.A. Times: How Black, Latino, and Muslim Students Organized To Intimidate A "Political" Bully...

(E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune)

(E. Jason Wambsgans / Chicago Tribune)

Well known is the situation that unfolded at the University of Illinois last week, as Donald Trump was making his way into Chicago for a rally. He decided to cancel the appearance last minute after a commotion had broken out between protesters and his clan of supporters, and Trump had a field day in the media as to who was responsible.
Unfortunately screeching across news feeds today was none other than Sarah Palin who, during an endorsement stop, called the protesters “punk-ass thugs” (or something to that idiotic effect) which led me to wonder where she received her information from.
Why there is an assumption of the people protesting Trump, as being uneducated and irrationally angry bleeding hearts is beyond me, but I was happy to read this article courtesy of the LA Times how a group of students from multiple backgrounds assembled to have their voices heard and shut down a bully. The ethnic combination in the formation of protesters were Latino, Black, and Muslim students, specifically of the Black Student Union, the Muslim Student Assn. and the Fearless Undocumented Alliance.

Along with a successful protest the group was also met with arrests and physical altercations, but this clearly shows that strength in numbers can be even bigger than the biggest candidate clown at a (empty) podium.