“What’s YOUR Problem?” Well.....

This started out as a Facebook post, but it was way too long which led me here.
In studio discussions about race issues in America led me to believe that I haven’t been clear as to why I’m so passionate about the problems that plague us. I could be like another one of those “Latino’s for Trump” who want a wall built to keep cultures out, like someone who says repeatedly that there isn’t a problem with police brutality, but I’m not. Theres a really big reason for that, that are my own experiences which have stayed with me my whole life.
I’ve had a woman tell me at the age of 19, that “Maybe if you would’ve graduated from high school, you would know how to read” in front of her child, as she was shopping at a corner store I worked at.
I had an HR manager tell me at 23, ” Sometimes you can be a little too latina for the front desk.” at a very successful law firm.
I had a professor tell me at 27, as I sat on a panel at ASU that because I wasn’t FLUENT in spanish, that I can’t consider myself a real cultural ambassador for mexican/americans.
Here’s how I reacted:
I told that woman she could have a newspaper for free, to see my name in the dean’s list at the local college then kicked her out of my store. 
I annoyed the hell out of that manager by becoming her boss’s favorite employee, and she could never fire my latina self for 4 years. 
I told that professor, that a language doesn’t change the fact that my ancestors were immigrants, and that my parents didn’t teach me spanish because they didn’t want me to have an accent to be discriminated on, but they taught me about the CULTURE and to be proud of who we are.
I’m not sharing these posts for likes, support, or pats on the back. I’m sharing these because there is a extreme DISCONNECT that things like this ARE HAPPENING to GOOD PEOPLE. I cried this week as did the world yet again, when I watched Terence Crutcher murdered for doing NOTHING. Literally NOTHING. Who are you to tell people there isn’t a problem? I’m here to tell you there is. 
 I’ll say this until the day I die, there are good, and bad people. Those that are generally “bad” had it instilled in them to hate anyone who wasn’t them, especially minorities. If you happen to be one of those people who found your way to this post upon billions of web pages, I have a message for you. 
You can’t take away anything from us because it’s in our DNA to survive and be culturally strong. The reason why you’re so angry is because you’ve been tested by diversity and failed in every accepting aspect of understanding who or what cultures you are disrespecting. The more you cut away at culturally diverse people, the more people will come out and defend each other, which is what’s happening in 2016.  I’m not sorry for that, and neither are the people you hate for being themselves. But, I’ll pray for you nonetheless because that type of mindset has to be exhausting to live with every single day.
To the Latino’s supporting Trump, I hope you know that you’re not respected for your votes yet you’re just another tally on his polls. You’re a pawn in his game to generalize mexicans and latinos to say they have our vote, but they don’t. Newsflash: it doesn’t matter how much you clean up your accent or dress appropriately, you’ll never be accepted in a room full of money and racist people.  Go ahead and say you want a wall and you support him, he’ll probably deport you right along with the rest of your people. We’ve seen videos of him huMILIATING our culture and you’re still for this man? Ok.
I see my friends who are moreso my family upset with the way they are being gunned down in the streets and nervous about getting pulled over, and it hurts. my. soul. I was raised in one of the quietest countrysides in Arizona, but I’ve always had a little fire burning in my heart to do what is right and to speak up. That’s my problem, praying for a solution-but that starts with respect. Where is it?