RONDA ROUSEY POSSIBLE RETIREMENT NEAR… the former champion caught up with Ellen, talks departure


Can’t say I didn’t think this might happen soon, but the fact that it’s coming from her? Sad. Like legitimately sad, yet happy because a UFC fighter goes through so much strenuous mental and physical training that it could take a toll in the long run.

Granted, her 12-1 record is nothing to be ashamed of, the residual fandom of her loss to Holm parted the waters for real Rousey fans who knew it was coming, and the fans that were cheering until she lost. For me personally I know that I was heartbroken at her loss but felt the need to be overly supportive on social media as everyone laughed and dragged her. I believe in warriors and heroes and also believe in the comeback kid and although I might be foreshadowing a win that has yet to be had I’m good with either outcome.

I’m a Rousey fan- so this post is biased. But it’s my website anyway so…..